Nemo In The Wind Floorlamp

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This lamp series is notable for its warm color lighting and its use of LED to create an ambience that spreads beyond the borders of the lamp. The infrastructure of the In the Wind Floor uses an aluminum extruded bar which is misaligned and torqued through technology to express Arihiro Miyake`s desire to fit in a 360 degree LED light. There is a switch and dimmer available on the cable.

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Merk: Nemo

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The lamp, die-casted in aluminium are diffused in opal metacrylate. The different parts of the lamp, from the head to the base are painted in matt white and is also available in black. There are two different styles available with this lamp, one is horizontal, one is vertical. 

The diffused emission is made possible through the lamp, and its style is congruent with a modern and almost futuristic look. The floor version carries Arihiro Miyake`s vision in discovering the most innovative way to combine LED technology, lighting an object and discovering a balance between the two. He draws his visions from no prior inspirations, wanting to make a free and fresh attempt and avoiding basic rules or classic influences. This sets Miyake and the In the Wind series apart form the rest. 

In the Wind is also available in versions that include floor modules. This warm light emitting lamp is a perfect addition to brighten and make your room have a more cozy and traditional feeling without straying away from a modern design. The strength of the emission of light is not strong enough to draw your eyes away, but also not so dim to make you reach for another switch. The dimming feature is a viable addition to find the perfect balance between the two extremes to fit your situation and your desire.

Technische Informatie
Materiaal Aluminium + PMMA
Afmetingen Ø : 26cm x H : 183cm
Kleur Wit - Zwart
Ontwerper Arihiro Miyake
Merk Nemo
Gemaakt in Italië
Lichtbron LED
Lamp inbegrepen Ja
Fitting type lamp linear LED
Max. Watt 3 x 20W
Voltage 110V / 240V
Technische informatie Emission: diffused, 360°; Switching: dimmable; Luminous flux: 5700lm; Typ cri: 83; Energy class: A+; Ip class: 20
Gewicht 6 kg
Kleur temperatuur 3000K
Packaging LxDxH (cm) parcel 30x32x12; LxDxH (cm) parcel 2 28x28x195

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