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The Alya, by Gabriele Rosa, is a basic mixture between simplistic nature and innovative formatting. The structure of design of the Alya is not only perfect in a modern setting, it is also thin enough to fit into a traditional style as well. 

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Merk: Nemo

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The lamp emits diffused lighting through an LED lamp. Based in the format of a suspension light pendant, Alya is hung by its three appendages through three fixtures drawn onto one small grey silver plate. Each of the arms are made of extruded alumni and is combined through its central body, which is formed from die-casted aluminium and PMMA. 

The diffuser, contrasts its material with opaline methacrylate and emits uplight. The switch on the lamp includes not only the push on and off switch, but also boasts a dimmable feature, which is controlled by remote and which can also be raised to its full 35 watt power. 

The Alya by Gabriele is available in both colors of white and of matt black. 

The inspiration that the designer has drawn from is the perspectives of dynamism and the combination of lightness. The name is also drawn from these terms, which is the literal translation of it in Arabic. The arms were inspired by the gesture of drawing in the air, almost as if it is embracing the illumination it is emitting. The lightness and simplicity of the design leaves the lamp appearing as if not an actual, tangible object whatsoever. It boasts fluid shapes and can achieve this bent nature from the aluminium it is designed with.

The key feature which Gabriele Rosa wanted to achieve was delicacy. The Alya is inspired and created with bringing a delicate touch to the room in mind, and puts this feature forward through each of the lamp`s parts.

Technische Informatie
Materiaal Aluminium + PMMA
Afmetingen Ø : 100cm x H: 40cm
Kleur Wit - Zwart
Kabellengte 2.5m
Ontwerper Gabriele Rosa
Merk Nemo
Gemaakt in Italië
Lichtbron LED
Max. Watt 35W
Voltage 110V / 240V
Energieverbruik 35W
Technische informatie Luminous flux: 4870lm, Typ cri: 83, Energy class: A+, Emission: Uplight, Diffused
Kleur temperatuur 3000K
Packaging LxDxH (cm) parcel: 16x64x47

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